Ways to keep kitchen organized

Ways to keep kitchen organized

A cluttered kitchen not only leaves the space looking chaotic and messy, but it also completely squashes the entire point of good, efficient storage. Having everything organized in the kitchen will not only help in locating things in and around the kitchen sooner, but also saves space as well as cooking time. Listed below are the ways in which a kitchen can become organized:

Cleaning: A regular clean-up of the kitchen should be the top priority for the homeowners. Everything right from the floor corners to the dishwasher counters needs to be cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly depending upon the use of the kitchen. This helps declutter the kitchen regularly, clear bits and pieces from time to time and free up space to store things.

Drawer partitions: Throwing all the kitchen utensils into one drawer sounds like a great, quick idea to put all vessels, utensils and ladles after they are washed. However, searching for them will be a gargantuan headache. Creating partitions in the drawer and creating groups of separate spaces to arrange vessels of different sizes, utensils and ladles and spoons is a great way to store.

Storing knives: Having a magnetic knife strip is a great way to free up the kitchen counter space, keep the knives sharper for a longer time as well as keep the people working in the kitchen.

Vertical shelves: It is smarter to store and stack items in vertical shelves rather than the traditional horizontal shelves. This enables one to utilize the maximum space inside the cabinets to store the containers.

Stepping stools: If the cabinets are placed higher and are hard to reach, keeping a stepping stool tucked away in one of the cabinets will not only enable reaching the shelves but also declutter the kitchen area and not have a bigger stool left scattered around the kitchen all the time.

Baskets: Use baskets to organize storage in the kitchen, whether it is for apples, herbs and condiments, used and unused sachets, takeout menus, etc.

Cleaning supplies: Rather than tossing the cleaning supplies in a dark area below the kitchen sink, install a curtain rod (according to the inside cabinet size) below the sink which will help hang the supplies and keep the area clean and dry all the time.

Wire racks: Wire racks within the cabinet are one of the best cheap DIY kitchen storage ideas that help maximize cabinet space.

Open shelves: Open shelves are great for keeping cookbooks, antique artwork or any object of decor.

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