Best exterior paint colors

Best exterior paint colors

The exterior paint ideas vary as per the preference of an individual. However, there is something to keep in mind while selecting the color for your exterior. The paint will reflect your style and not to forget; the fact that how long is it going to last. Hence, while making a list of exterior paint ideas, make sure that the paint should also compliment the interior color and design of your house. We have compiled a list of best exterior paint ideas that are safe as well as dynamic.

  • The perfect combo:
    White with bold accents. This combination is called a classic for a reason. The white color reflects relaxed yet majestic nature. Bright white is visually appealing. To add a twist, try to include primary colors for accent.
  • Break the monotony with lime and charcoal.
    Most of the modern houses designed by experts tend to have dark and unusual colors. And this is one such combo. Lime and charcoal perfectly compliment each other while producing a modern and stylish look. In case you would like to experiment with such combination keep in mind, the key is to keep the borders dark and the rest, bright and bold.
  • Relaxed landscape blues.
    Relaxed bright blues are known for creating a look of natural landscapes, and such colors are long lasting too. The dark accents and the shades of dark blue, sky blue sidings and the trim in shades of cream or off white colors make one of the best combinations. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too bright.
  • Stain colors:
    Stain colors offer a large number of bright and dark shades to choose from. If you are looking for a dark yet royal look, this could be your combination. The accents and trim in shades of white and the siding in dark color will give a royal look to your house.

Besides the above-mentioned colors, always believe in experimenting to get the best out of your exterior paint ideas. Add the modern twist and create the perfect color combo.

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