5 types of ice cube trays with amazing features

5 types of ice cube trays with amazing features

Ice cube trays are essential if you love chilled drinks. Every individual wants to drop a few pieces of ice inside his drink before gulping it down the throat. Many brands have been delivering ice cube molds to accomplish the said purpose. Here are a few must-have ice cube trays for every refrigerator.

  • Ice cube trays with flip open option These new trays provide you the opportunity to fill only a few molds while others can be covered using the flip open arrangement. Moreover, the liquid goes straight into the hollow without spilling on to the sides providing more even shaped ice cubes.
  • Ice cube trays made from stainless steel These are more durable and aesthetically pleasing than the plastic ice cube trays and rubber ice trays. They come with a steel lever that assists in picking the cubes out of the mold without much hassle.
  • Silicon ice cube trays The ice cube molds made from material as soft as silicon are highly convenient since no effort is required in removing cubes. These are structured in a straightforward manner with no dramatic accessories resulting in neat, even blocks of ice.
  • Ice cube trays with snap feature If you have always faced the struggle of effortlessly taking out ice cubes from the ice cube molds, you will love these trays that have inbuilt trigger that makes the cube pop out as soon as it is pressed. However, this trigger may get jammed at times defeating the whole purpose of its creation.
  • Ice cube trays with sturdy body While rubber ice trays are pretty delicate, the heavy plastic ice cube trays are strong enough to allow twisting and turning of the mold to a limited extent. These are the most commonly found trays constructed in a traditional manner for a little shaking and sliding.

Many ice cube trays are available in exciting colors such as violet, brick red, and pink for those who like experimenting. These days, most refrigerators have ice cube trays already inside the freezer so that you don’t have to involve yourself in the effort of placing separate molds. The refrigerator encompasses certain options that help in modifying the size right from giant cubes to crushed, slushy ice. Every material used has its own set of problems such as rubber ones that leave a slight peculiar taste in the ice and plastic ones that make picking almost impossible. Nevertheless, ice cube trays have been assisting homeowners since time immemorial in establishing the most delicious and beautiful form of ice. Not only do these trays freeze ice, but also food items such as tomato paste, peas, baby food and others.

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