4 benefits of using reflective traffic cones

4 benefits of using reflective traffic cones

Reflective traffic cones are highly useful to guide and divert traffic on roads, highways, or wherever need be. Authorities usually place them to ensure the traffic flows smoothly or as a precaution during certain times. This prevents chaos and promotes law and order. Here, we discuss the main benefits of using traffic cones.

Reflective traffic cones are rigid and do not get easily damaged by cars. They are made of highly durable, waterproof materials; the outer shell is usually made of solid nylon, and both the base and interiors are made of PVC. The base is square-shaped and heavier than the body, preventing the cone from rolling over if it falls. Besides, they feature a low center of gravity, ensuring they are stable on the ground.

Besides the standard reflective traffic cones, foldable ones are becoming popular today due to their various features. The most obvious reason for choosing foldable cones is that they can be easily transported from one place to another as they are lightweight. They do not take up a lot of space and can be simply stored in the car for emergencies. One can also easily spot them and take them back if needed. Plus, they can be stored nicely when not in use as they do not occupy much space.

LED lights
One can attach LED lights to the traffic cones if they like. These are unique lights that are water-resistant and can last over 300 hours. Powered by two AAA batteries, the LED lights are beneficial when the place is not well lit. These lights are either steady or flashing. When switched on, the lights can be seen from a distance as far as 1,000 meters. Drivers can spot them well even when the conditions are bad such as a foggy or unlit road.

The cones are covered with reflective bands and consist of a fluorescent orange outer shell. These factors make it almost impossible for passersby not to notice them when placed on the road. The interiors are also painted in the same shade of orange. So, commuters would be able to spot them even if the cone was knocked over. This proves as an essential safety feature.

Using traffic cones is a necessary precaution, as they can prevent incidents from happening that might harm the public. When used correctly, reflective traffic cones also ensure people travel smoothly and are not stuck on a blocked road.

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